MistoJam is a new social and blogging site that aims to combines elements of existing social networking sites and improves upon them.
Ever wanted to change something about a social site? Now you can. With MistoJam you can comment on features and request new ones simply by checking out the requests page or contacting an admin.
We're also aiming for a completely personalisable experience that allows you to change everything from the amount of posts per page to the way comment boxes are displayed and from the background colour to film and tv spoiler censoring.
Sounds like the dream? That's what we're aiming for.
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Planned Features
Working on ~ Custom blog themes
Planned ~ Time ordering on search, or alphabetical or random
Possible ~ staff selected user admins
Planned ~ Options on how to display search results
Planned ~ Fandoms overhaul
Random Post
"*singing* Sometimes I feel I got to Rewrite Code I got to Rewrite Code 'Cause it's a bitch"
-Me just now
damned iconactions, thou art a heartless bitch,
31st Mar 2017 08:43:18 pm | 0 notes | 0 popularity

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